Steve Dunning

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Steve Dunning came to the entertainment industry from a small East Coast town and for two decades has worked in the studio, network and independent arenas of entertainment. He’s worked at Amblin, Universal, Fox, HBO, NBC and many more, climbing up from a production assistant to writer, producer and director. He is currently at Universal Digital Services working with feature film and television products for Universal Studios in Los Angeles. For the Department of Defense, he has shepherded groups through active theaters of operation across The Middle East. His lifelong respect and admiration for our nation’s military only magnified with these firsthand experiences in the field with all of our Armed Forces. His goals with the NBCUniversal Veterans Network and the Got Your Six campaign aim to deeply impact our military, past, present and future, and their families in the ways most needed. Changing the national mindset of what it means to be a Veteran and the incredible assets they are- trained, motivated and highly qualified to lead, contribute and uphold and grow our nation’s great heritage.

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