Jamey Scott

Jamey Scott, an accomplished and classically trained musician, began creating innovative content for interactive media in 1994. Jamey worked as the sole sound designer and composer at Presto Studios for 7 years and worked on a large handful of successful and innovative games including Myst 3: Exile, Whacked!, Star Trek: Hidden Evil, The Journeyman Project 3: Legacy of Time, Stephen King’s F13, and Gundam 0079: The War For Earth. After founding his company, Dramatic Audio Post, Inc., he delivered an immediate storm of successful projects such as Unreal Tournament 2003, Enter the Matrix, and Shadowbane. Since then, ¬†Jamey’s demand has snowballed, bringing him into major feature film productions, celebrated animations and the very best productions in the game industry including Jak3, Daxter PSP, Unreal Tournament 3, Bulletstorm, and the massive XBox360 franchise, Gears of War. In addition, Jamey is amassing an equally impressive list of credits in the feature film world with major creative contributions to films such as the extraordinary sci-fi action/adventure feature Total Recall, among others.

Jamey has won a handful of prestigious awards including the 1998 New Media Invision Award for his work on The Journeyman Project 3, an EMMA award for his work on Myst3: Exile, 2 regional EMMY awards for various San Diego broadcast productions, over 30 festival awards including the coveted “Best of Electronic Theater” from Siggraph. He was also recently honored by the Game Audio Network Guild with 3 of the game audio industry’s highest awards for Gears of War, including Best Sound Design, Best Cinematic Audo, and the coveted “Audio of the Year” award. He has also won an MPSE Golden Reel work for his work on Gears of War 2, in addition to many other nominations in the film and game industry.
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