Josh Harris

Being driven and maintaining a professional focus in school can get the attention of prospective employers – just ask Joshua Harris, who was offered a job as a 2D Texture Artist at S2Games before graduating…Even more remarkable is how he was promoted to a 3D Character Modeler before even starting!


Josh credits much of his success to his time in the United States Marine Corps, as well as his education at The Los Angeles Film School, (where Josh graduated as Salutatorian of his Computer Animation class!) Before attending The Los Angeles Film School, Josh did not have any experience in CG Modeling or Animation. He explained how this was not an issue or hindrance because, “the instructors teach you a lot in a short period of time, so it all just clicks.” Joshua’s favorite aspect of animation is character design, and 2D and 3D modeling. In considering his preference for game art, he states an affinity for the art in the Warcraft series.


By focusing on his work with employment top-of-mind, Joshua was able to produce industry-quality work while still in school. His focus on building his portfolio made him the ideal candidate for a company like S2Games. Josh says, “I had the work show[ing] I could do the job.” Rather than using Facebook to chat with friends and browse memes, he used it as a networking tool to get in touch with potential employers.


“The mindset you are taught in the Marines is that ‘you must succeed’ and ‘failure is not an option.’ Having that mindset before going into the program really helped,” Josh explains.


Joshua shared that what advanced him most was having multiple sets of eyes on his work for critiques. Armed with this asset at his disposal, he was able to develop and hone his work, receiving immediate feedback from his instructors-all industry professionals.   Speaking further about the school environment, another encouraging aspect was,


“The environment here is so creative. There are always people working on something, whether it’s in animation, film, game development or recording. Being around others who are working on their own projects is inspiring. I ended up teaming up with a (Navy) vet – Andre Andrews- to design a nightlife app he created. That’s just one of so many benefits of being here.”


What stands out most about Josh is his positive attitude – he’s definitely the kind of person you would want to hang with, get to know and work with-which is key in moving forward in the industry. We can expect to see more of his success in the near future.

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Watch his on-camera interview on our YouTube Page.

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