Dave Shiffman

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An extensive and eclectic career began for Dave Schiffman back in 1995 as an assistant engineer at Ocean Way Studios. With a break engineering for the legendary producer Rick Rubin on One Hot Minute (Red Hot Chili Peppers), he went on to record such heavyweight artists as  Audioslave, Weezer and The Mars Volta. Not to mention, Johnny Cash and Tom Petty.

From that relationship blossomed a production and mixing career that has overseen the release of many varied and successful records here and throughout the world. They range from Trash Talk, Thirce, The Black Tide, The Bronx, Grinspoon and Limp Bizkit to Cass McCombs, Active Child, Bloodorange, and Dead Meadow.

“This eclecticism is what keeps my work fresh and invigorating …”

With the massive drop-off in budgets for production, Dave like many others has been forced to reevaluate how to make records sound great on smaller budgets. Pulling together a small production room in his home, he’s been able to always consider the music first.

“There is so much great music out there but artists are on their own a lot these days. Working with the artists from the ground up is incredibly fulfilling.  Nobody submits a “demo” to a record company anymore. It has to sound like a record. Being able to work at my own pace helps me deliver a top shelf record.”

As well as his own productions Dave still enjoys the teamwork of working with  producers as engineer to help bring various projects to life.

“Cutting just drums or guitars or recording the whole record as an engineer still is fun for me. If the music speaks to me i’m happy to be part of it in whatever capacity works for the project…. I try to check my ego at the door”



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