Brian Malouf

Brian Malouf pursued a career in music with unwavering passion from the age of eight years. A first chair symphonic percussionist by the end of his university days, and later drumming for a noted Los Angeles based rock and roll band, he became immersed in sound engineering in 1980. He became chief engineer of Can-Am Recorders in 1981.
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In 1983 his career as a world-class studio talent was jump-started when the legendary Michael Jackson, at the height of the Thriller phenomenon, tapped

Brian to begin work on his next album, BAD.

By 1989 he had risen to the top of his field as a mix engineer and producer, working independently for virtually every major label and amassing an impressive string of hit albums, singles, and soundtracks for artists such as Madonna, Prince and Roxy Music. Taken together Brian’s album credits total 53 Gold, Platinum and multi-platinum albums and represent millions of dollars in sales.

In July of ‘94 he became Vice President of A&R/Staff Producer for RCA records in New York, where he continued to mix and produce several hit records and shaped careers of acts such as Everclear, The Verve Pipe, Eve 6, and Lit, to name a few. He became a Sr. Vice President at RCA in 1997, and served the company in that role until February 2004.

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In July 2004 he joined Columbia Records and also started his own independent record label, Bandha Records. During his time with Columbia he was on a parallel path back to his roots as an independent engineer/producer, and by 2006 was un-tethered to a major label. That changed in January 2007 when he was again recruited by a musical giant, and joined Walt Disney Records as the head of A&R, a post he maintains to this day.

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